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  • *SKU: BW373001
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  • *Size: 65" × 60 Ft
  • *Color: White
  • Brand : Ohah
  • Condition : New
  • Size : 65 Inch × 60 Ft


Brand : Ohah
Condition : New
Size : 65 Inch × 60 Ft


  • The high quality satin fabric measures 65" × 60 Ft 
  • Satin fabric is used for mostly weddings, bridal gowns, dresses and costumes, lingerie and blouses. For men; neckties, baseball jackets and various apparel. Other uses include bed sheets, interior furnishings & upholstery
  • Affordable, lightweight and inexpensive. Multiple colors available              
Tips For Sewing With Satin Fabric:
1. Use very sharp scissors. Sharp scissors will prevent fraying edges and pulled threads that will ruin the look of your fabric.
2. Always cut the fabric in single layers.
3. Consider cutting your pattern pieces on the bias. You don’t want to have too many seams, as the more seams you have the higher the chance of puckering.
4. Use a appropriately-sized sewing machine needle and good quality thread. Use a short stitch length and hold the fabric taut as you feed it through the machine
5. When sewing slippery fabrics you should use a walking foot. This will help both layers of fabric move through the machine at the same rate and avoid puckers in your seam.
6. Finishing your seams is a must because satin frays so easily.  Using the zig-zag stitching on your machine is a good option as it is light weight and won’t show through on the right side of the garment.



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