List Products

How to improve online sales?

Better products, competitive prices, good images, convenient shipping methods, and positive reviews.

How to list your products on

  • Login to your seller account and go to your dashboard

Create a New Catalog

  • Go to your Seller Dashboard.
 User Dashboard
  • Go to "Products List” under Seller Dashboard: Shop.

  • Click on "Manage Catalog & Products”. 
  • Go to "Create New Catalog” and fill out the general information to setup a new catalog. Catalogs are a collection of similar products.
Create new Catalog
  • Always remember to click on "Save Changes” to save and continue 
  • Description under the English section will be on your product page and seen by others.
  • Select a brand name for your catalog (It is always required)
  • If you don’t see your brand, add a new brand and wait for it to be approved
  • Select your brand name and add tags for your catalog. Also, you can add a new tag if you don’t see it
  • Choose options for your catalog. Options are needed to assign images to products. ( ex. color, sizes)
  • You can always add a new option and option values
  • Click on "Add New” to add values for your option. For example, small, medium, large, etc.
  • Go to "View Catalog" in order to edit the Catalog information.
  • Great! You have your catalog now! Let’s pick it to add products!

Add A New Product

  • Go back to "Products list” and click on " Manage Catalog & Products” 
  • Click on "Add Products to Catalogs”
Add Products to catalogs 
  • Choose the catalog you would like to add products to by selecting "Add Products”
  • You need to fill out your profile first if you have not done it yet
  • Fill out the information to setup your product
  • The product will need to have an option value set in order to have an image assigned to it. 
  • The "Product Title” is searchable and will be shown on the product page and seen by customers. You can also add the SKU number to its title

SEO For Your Products

  • You can always do SEO (Search engine optimization for your product
  • Meta title is a title that directs people from search engine to your product. Meta Keywords are a group of words that people search to find your product. Meta description is where you describe your product with keywords. You can do SEO on every single product of yours.
  • Great! You can follow the same steps to add multiple items

Add Images to Your Products

  • Go to "View Catalogs” to add images to a Catalog.
  •  Click on the image icon under "action" to add images to a Catalog.
  • You can upload an image for specific option values. Products in the catalog with the corresponding option values will be attributed with the images.
  • Good Job! Your products have images right now!

Adjust the Tax Rate

  • Go to "Tax Category” to adjust the tax rate if it is not correct
  • Again, always remember to click on "Save Changes” to save and continue

View Your Products

  • Go to "View Shop” to check the detail listing of your product
  • This is how your product page is going to look like
  • Done!