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Condition : New
Brand : Ohah


Bwanaz Offers hanging glass candle holder, plant terrarium also known as bauble globe vases. They can be used to create a perfect plant terrarium for your enjoyment. We carry various sizes. 

You can create the perfect air garden at your home or office. Imagine easy making air plants in them and hang in to your kitchen, living room or bedroom, a real inspirations.

✔ MINIMAL MAINTENANCE SIMULATES A MINI GREENHOUSE --- These glass terrariums acts like little greenhouses and require minimal maintenance. Simple to use with the hanging loop is attached. Inside the glass ball, the humidity increases, which many plants thrive on, and allows the air inside the ball to recycle water and its own organic matter.

✔ REFRESHING AND PURIFYING ATMOSPHERE--- Purify and freshen the atmosphere in your home by adding some beautiful air plants belonging to Tillandsia, Bromeliad family or colorful flowers to your terrarium. Add tranquility and nature to your home by adding plants to these glass orbs. The DIY hanging garden will provide you with a relaxing atmosphere.

✔ PERFECT GIFT IDEA--- This set of three glass terrariums will make an original and thoughtful gift for a friend, relative or co-workers. They will enjoy the DIY aspect of growing their very own indoor garden!




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