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  • •Built-in AI
  • •Facial Recognition
  • •Face Library (20 Faces)
  • •Heat Detection
  • •Motion Detection
  • •Magnetically Mountable
  • •Downloadable Phone App: https://eyecloud.ai/static/download.html
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eyecloudCam is the FIRST STANDALONE battery-powered home security camera with built-in AI that also features on-device face recognition.

We believe that the more independent the camera, the more independent the user. Wire-free and versatile, eyecloudCam was designed to give its users all the independence they need.

If you're looking for home security, there is no better option than the EyecloudCam – The Smart Home Security Camera. This magnetically mountable camera has everything that you could ever want from a security camera, from motion and heat detection sensors to tell when someone or something is moving in front of the camera lens. The camera’s AI is capable of saving and storing up to twenty faces in its "Face Library” so that you won’t get an alert every time you walk in front of it.

If you do get an alert on your phone, the downloadable app allows you to view through a live stream mode of what is happening inside your house. This app includes the ability to download clips to your phone for later use. The camera can be mounted to almost any surface through the use of its powerful magnet mount or the screws included in the packaging. With a battery that can last for months without a recharge, this is the best way to keep your house safe. 



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