Cookware Set Wholesale - Royal Exclusive Line 12 Pieces Cookware
$ 65.00
  • *Includes: 16x9cm casserole w/c, 16x9cm saucepan w/c, 24x6.5cm frypan w/c, 20x11cm casserole w/c, 18x10cm casserole w/c, 24x12cm casserole w/c.
  • *Manufactured by the highest standards of quality with high-grade stainless steel what is mirror polished.
  • *Decrease oil usage, reduce fat-intake.
  • *Works on electric, gas, halogen, glass-ceramic, and induction.
  • *German quality control approved.
  • Brand : Royal Exclusive Line


Brand : Royal Exclusive Line



Built with quality in mind, this 12 Piece Royal Exclusive Line cookware is the best that you could ask for. Constructed with high-quality stainless steel, this cookware set will save up to 40% of the energy you would have otherwise lost thanks to the efficiently of its heat conductivity and retention. This cookware set’s quality construction reduces the amount of oil that you’ll need to use during the process of your cooking, decreasing your fat-intake and promoting healthier living. This cookware set really is the best choice for those who are looking to prepare the finest meals possible.  


Cleaning Method

First Time Cleaning

  • Remove all labels. Wash the cookware with hot water and some stainless-steel cleanser. Sponge with scours pad for 2-3 minutes. After rinsing, use detergent and a sponge/towel to rewash the cookware. Rinse and dry thoroughly.

General Cleaning

  • Each time after use, let the cookware cool down naturally. Then, wash it with neutral cleanser and a sponge/towel. Rinse and dry thoroughly.
  • Clean the cookware thoroughly after use to remove any residues that may burn and become stains when the cookware is being used next time.
  • To remove tough stains, pour hot water into the cookware to soften the stains. Scrub vigorously with stainless steel cleaner or powder. Rinse and dry thoroughly.
  • Minerals from water or starch from food may cause a white film to form on the cookware surface. This white film can be removed by wiping with a towel dipped in lemon juice or vinegar. Then wash, rinse, and dry thoroughly.


  • Adjust the burner so that the heat only touches the bottom of the cookware and will not extend up past the edge and damage the handles(s). Also, keep the handle(s) away from any heating or electric units.
  • After the cookware is heated, the stainless-steel handle(s) or knob may become hot. Ensure to put on gloves before touching it. Remember that under all circumstances, safety is the priority.
  • For non-stick frying pan, no stainless steel or hard utensil should be used to prevent the non-stick coating from over-scratching. To guarantee a longer life for the coating, the use of nylon or wooden utensils is recommended. 



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