6 Short Detailing Brush | Car Wash Boys Wholesale


6″ Short, Cream with Plastic Black Plastic Ring
  • Effectively spotless little splits, cleft, and difficult to-achieve parts 

  • GST 600

  • Ideal for substantial cleaning and fine itemizing 

  • Adaptable cleaning instrument 

  • Adaptable size and ease of use over any vehicle 

  • Use for inside and outside itemizing employments 

  • Compound safe handle and fibers for durable brush 

  • Premium delicate hog's hair bristles clean without scratching surfaces 

  • Incredible for both inside and outside specifying 

  • The delicate plastic handle and ferrule are lightweight, concoction safe, and scratch-safe crosswise over touchy surfaces like paintwork and cleaned metals.


Brushes For Interior,Dashboard,Rims,Wheel,Air-Conditioning,Engine,Corner. Made of very soft bristle and wood handle, scratch free, and easily washed for future use, the best tools for details.Cleaning dashboard, pane land wheel bolts recesses when used in conjunction with exterior cleaning products.For home applications like leather cleaning and detailing buttons/vents.

Item Type: Car detailing brush
Material: Soft bristle brush and wood handle
Usage: car cleaning,care, detailing, wash brushes

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6 Short Detailing Brush | Car Wash Boys Wholesale



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